CEREC® Crowns – Same Day Restorations in Oklahoma City

Teeth are susceptible to decay and damage, often leading to the need for restorations with a dental crown. CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic) technology offers patients a fast and reliable solution to the common dental issue of crown fitting and placement. Same-day restorations with CEREC fit the lifestyles of our busy patients. At SmileArts Dental Studio in Oklahoma City, patients no longer have to wait the two-week turnaround period associated with traditional crowns.

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Same-Day Fitting and Crown Placement

In general, crowns are a traditional dental solution for severely damaged teeth that are cracked or broken, to replace a discolored tooth, or to cap a tooth treated by a root canal. Because of their common usage, Dr. Cohenour has invested in the advanced technology of CEREC to give his patients the benefits of convenient, modern dentistry.

We utilize an in-office milling machine to craft cosmetic, durable crowns in a single office visit. Our computer-aided design and manufacturing equipment gives us the ability to gather highly accurate impressions without the need for messy impression material and create customized dental crowns. This technology eliminates the need for unreliable temporaries and provides patients with a same-day replacement for a single broken or treated tooth.

These tooth-colored restorations are strong and durable, enhancing your smile and improving bite function. Made from a single ceramic block, a CEREC crown is precisely crafted to protect the remaining tooth and roots from further damage.

What Can You Expect?

In addition to the cosmetic and functional results of a CEREC crown, they are renowned for their convenience.

Dr. Cohenour performs a thorough exam of the targeted tooth and surrounding area. He then creates a 3D image of your tooth, which is then used to create a ceramic tooth. This image is used to design a set of ‘blueprints’ for the computer-guided milling  Once the final restoration is complete, Dr. Cohenour finalizes the placement and sets the crown permanently into your smile to fit your bite while blending in naturally with surrounding teeth.

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SmileArts Dental Studio is a family dental office in Oklahoma City offering state-of-the-art technology with the use of CEREC. We strive to help patients with conveniently scheduled crown procedures. Our same day crown solutions will give you a beautiful, fully-functioning smile in one office visit.

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